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Smythson Diary

Okay. I have taken the plunge. Indulged. Splurged.

…on a diary.

How many pennies does it take to make a pound? They say it depends on the year the penny was made. But one thing I know for sure, it took a lot of pennies to buy my Smythson Diary which costs about 48pounds!

Smythson of Bond Street is a British manufacturer of luxury stationery, leather goods and diaries. Clients have included the current Royal Family, Queen Victoria, Grace Kelly…and now me! Yey!

Frank Smythson made history in 1908 when he created the world’s first practical (tho price-wise now it’s not sooo practical I must say) and portable diary. With its featherweight paper, it is lightweight thus gaining its nickname “the Panama Hat of Books.”

I bought my Panama Diary from Boutique 1 Dubai. It is a part of their exclusive collection made up of 15 international brands that have created a limited edition black and white pieces to celebrate Boutique 1’s first decade as the Middle East’s ultimate destination for fashion.


I was ecstatic when I saw this diary as I have been wanting to buy me a Smythson diary for the longest time. And the gold-stamped FASHION WISHLIST inscription was icing on the cake as I have also been looking for the perfect notebook to write down my looong list of …well, fashion wishes that I hope my husband will fulfill when he sees the book innocently lying around.LOL


It came in a beautiful blue box and as I held this leather beauty and flipped through the gold-edge pages, I started to doubt if I can actually write on them. Would I dare damage this work of art with my not-so-arty penmanship? Would I dare scribble and doodle on this pale blue paper? And oooh cross outs would definitely be a crime!


So if I cannot use it as I would a regular notebook, then what’s the point you might ask and to be honest I asked myself too. Wellll, I like it and I have always liked “luxurious” items. Maybe silly but we can be silly at times. To spoil ourselves and splurge a little. So Indulge me 😀


Stop and Smell the Candles

I was planning to continue the post I have written on my recent travels. However today, I’m not particularly in the mood 😦 Bridget Jones have her tub of ice cream and I wouldn’t mind a tub for myself too but since there’s nothing in the fridge…not even a bar of chocolate (No thanks to husband doing the groceries~he’s into gym and all y’know). I decided to light my Diptyque candles reserved for special occasions only. Bought them on my last layover in Milan, €75 for 3 small candles!


And today I needed cheering up. Definitely falls under the special occasion category when it is about yourself, right? Life is meant to be lived and candles to be burnt…even the pricey ones.



The Curse.

Well said.

Well said.

Thought I’d share this for all the shopaholics out there…You are not alone! Together we can shout, “Is it our fault we are cursed with expensive taste?!”

…Perhaps the low budget. Lol

Chasing Imelda

I love shoeeeeeeeeees!!! I got heaps of them you’d think I’m trying to rival Imelda’s collection! If you’re a true shoe addict, you would know Imelda Marcos and her thousand pairs of shoes!!! If you don’t, then it’s either you are in the early stage of your addiction or you don’t love shoes. If it’s the latter, then this post is not for you. This is Rated Shopaholics Only. The content includes graphic material on a lot of high heels, Not suitable for normal people :p

my everyday heels, few flats, and 1 trainers…go figure :p

apart from my "everyday" heels, I have my special heels

apart from my “everyday” heels, I have my special heels

After reading the post How many types of shoe do you have? by a fellow blogger Dubai Desperate Housewife, which I can so relate that I decided to blog about my shoes. Especially on what we call Trophy shoes. Yes, the shoes with the price tag, the bold, the beautiful and the feared killer heels. Louboutins, Manalos, and Choos just to name afew.

My "Trophy" Shoes! Young but will definitely grow lol 2 Gucci, a Manolo Blahnik, and Choos

My “Trophy” Shoes! Young but will definitely grow lol
2 Gucci, a Manolo Blahnik, and Choos

Trophy shoes unlike other shoes usually remain in their box, tucked away in the closet. Seldom used as not to damage it. Personally I would love to use my trophy shoes all the time! But when?! And where?! As a housewife, my activity has been reduced to grocery shopping. The movie night dates that my husband and I do is not suitable for that~think dark room, popcorn and drink spillage. My husband hasn’t drop any of his drink so far but a girl gotta think of the worst case scenario, right?! The occasional dinner out in nice resto with the husband is a great chance for them to get out and shine! Also on catch ups with friends, a drink or two, say, at Neos. A sky lounge in the 63rd floor of The Address Hotel in Downtown, Dubai. I love that place and must post about it *note to self. The problem is when this quiet drink in poshy place leads to clubbing!!! A death pit for trophy shoes. They’ll be beaten black and blue! Or redesigned with colors of margarita or worse, bullfrog! A famous Dubai cocktail which is a mixture of tequila, gin, vodka, white rum, blue curacao, and red bull. Sure to knock you out and covered bluish-green if you drop it on you and worse~your trophy shoes!!! So to avoid such disaster, the solution to such a predicament…*hold your breath…is…

Have a trophy shoes night out! You and a group of friends go out to a trophy shoe-friendly place, admire each other’s shoes while having a fabulous time!:)

So who’s in?!

Calling all Shoe-aholics!!!

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