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Monsieur Herme, nice to meet you!

I love macarons and I have been dying to try the famous macarons from Pierre Herme. Who could resist when the man behind is dubbed the “Picasso of Pastry,” “Pastry Provocateur,” ” Magician of Taste,” or “The Kitchen Emperor.”

So today, and yes I’m back in Dubai 🙂 , I went on a mission to finally meet these macarons…and eat them. You can find this haven in Dubai Mall inside Galeries Lafayette.


Pierre Herme macaron flavours can be daunting to the unadventurous but  if you do try  as the chef is reknowned for creating new and the wonderful palate experience. I wanted to try the magnifique strawberry and wasabi macaron.  Unfortunately the shop I went to, did not have it. The fragola strawberry and balsamic vinegar macaron was absent too. I was bit disappointed as I wanted to try the “weird” ones, afterall Pierre Herme is famous for that. Still I bought a box for moi and filled it with mogador milk chocolate and passion fruit macaron, pistachio, salted caramel butter, crime brûlée, and 3 others.


My verdict? Yummy of course! 🙂 But really need to go back for those flavours and when the new collection comes out! 🙂


DIY Macarons

I’m in love with macarons. Ever since I’ve discovered Laduree I’ve been addicted to these babies. I’ve tried macarons from other places, some were good too but others disappoint. They can be pricey apiece so when you buy, you want them to meet your macaron standards. And Laduree sets the bar high.

Great thing for me, my little sis is a chef so I managed to convince her to help me make macarons. Rose flavor~my favorite. I told her I’d be blogging about it so I would need to take pictures as we go along the process. And since this is my blog, I would be the one making them and she would just be assisting me.

Of course by the time we are in step 3, I was impatient for the finished product. With my attention span, patience and all, my sister had to take over and I assisted her photo-wise :p

The result is amazing! I can see us opening a macaron shop and I’ll be rich!…I mean we. Lol Anyways below are the photos of our macaron-making day. I planned to write down the recipe for you but since it looked complicated for me I’ll just urge you to google it 😀 Hashtags will help?! 😀 xo

Start here

Start here

Me helping...

Me helping…

Jumping steps and into the oven

Jumping steps and into the oven

Ta~daa! The finished product

Ta~daa! The finished product

Me enjoying my macarons. Afternoon tea at home :)

Me enjoying my macarons. Afternoon tea at home 🙂

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