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Salad in a Jar


Salad in a Jar.

I don’t know who started this idea but anything cute with a function is a must-try! And I have been seeing these around… in Pinterest, blogs… So I thought it’s time to make one myself. This came about yesterday when I was preparing my meal. With same ingredients and a few, I could make a Salad in a Jar! 🙂

You might ask why bother when making a salad is easy anyway. Why prepare in advance and store them in jars? First, the jar idea is cute as I have said and this is another way to make use of those mason jars lying around. Recycle and upcycle right?! Second reason is that, though making a salad is easy, why not make it easier?! As easy as opening the jar et voila! Your ready made salad and ready to eat! This is especially awesome as some days you have plenty of time to spare and other days you don’t.

These Salad in a Jar can last for days in the fridge and are quite handy if you wanna bring your own lunch to work or if you’re lucky enough to go to a picnic.

So here’s how:

Pour your choice of salad dressing in the bottom of the jar.


Place hard chopped vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, bell pepper etc whatever you have or like to have in your salad. I used cucumbers and I also put in whole cherry tomatoes. Softer vegetables like sliced tomatoes, avocado etc should be added until the day you’re planning to eat the salad.


Add your grains and beans and/or pasta. I used quinoa. And it was my first time to cook quinoa too! Need bit practice tho for a fluffier result. Aaaand yes I was a bit excited and should wait for the quinoa to cool down before tossing it into the jar…oh well.


Add your cheese and proteins. (Again, only if you’ll be having the salad on the same day otherwise skip this step) I chose to add a fancy meat tuna….from a not so fancy can :p


Lastly, fill the jar with your choice of salad greens such as baby spinach.


Fast-forward to when you’re ready to eat, just take a Salad in a Jar from your fridge, shake into a bowl and enjoy!



Ramen Love xoxo

Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures. A food haven. Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Arabic…you name it and you’re likely to find a restaurant serving that cuisine.

I seldom eat out in Melbourne tho. My family lives here and everytime I come home, I always make the most of my mum’s cooking. 🙂 But out and about on a cold Melbourne afternoon, my sister and I stopped for something warm. Ramennnnnn

Who could resist this delicious Japanese noodle dish. We enjoyed this indulgence when we used to live in New Zealand. And there was this place in Auckland that served fantastic ramen. It was not a fancy place rather it was like an old, “dirty”, and cramped ramen house in Japan. So authentic with the cooks preparing the food infront of you, the big pots of boiling stock and noodles taking much room of their tiny kitchen. I  particularly like the enthusiastic welcome they give each diner coming in. A loud “irrasshaimase!” A Japanese greeting to show respect to customers walking into a place of business.

Love the lanterns

Love the lanterns

Ramen Ya in downtown Melbourne is however “mainstream.” A modern restaurant with Japanese-inspired decor. But their ramen is definitely still traditional. In fact, they say they are the tonkotsu ramen specialist.

My tonkotsu charshu ramen. Plus gyoza on the side. Yum

My tonkotsu charshu ramen. Plus gyoza on the side. Yum



Some tea?:) How cute are these?

Some tea?:) How cute are these?

Can’t argue with that as I left my bowl of ramen empty and my stomach full 🙂

Life Downunder

My typical day these days…

Woke up around lunchtime.

My sister and I went to Melbourne CBD for a bit of a stroll. Checked out David Jones and bought some bling.


Chunky bling yo yo yo!

Had some Vietnamese.


Fooooood @Rice Paper


Bartman rocks!

Headed home.

Dinner with the family~lil sis cooked Turkish Lamb (yum).

Lamb that falls off the bone!

Lamb that falls off the bone!

Watched tv.



And oh, it rained today.


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