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For the Bun of it

As an ex-Flight Attendant, the donut-bun hair trend is nothing new. Required to put our hair up in a bun every time we go to work ~ well this or the French twist which I couldn’t really do.

… Or cut your hair short to the allowed length which, again, for a Curly Sue like me is not so easy to pull off. (I once did the short Felicity hair and let’s just say I was counting the days for my hair to grow back!)

So the bun it is.

Now however, I can enjoy the bun without a grooming officer eyeing me like a vulture. I can glamify the good ol bun aaaand finally use the silk scarves that have been sitting pretty. Two birds, one stone, yey!


So, here it is and moi :))))





Mi Ombré Hair

Celebrity Hair Inspiration

Celebrity Hair Inspiration

On my last flight to New York, I decided to have my hair done. Nowhere fancy in Manhattan, but in a mall salon in Garden City Long Island where we stay on layovers. Trusting my crowning glory to the hands of Roberto who spoke little English, satisfied with his nod and smile after showing him the above picture, I succumb to the latest trend. The Ombré Hair, where your hair is colored darker on the roots and lighter at the end. This is perfect for me, being a flight attendant at that time, I was still under the strict grooming rules. One of which is that hair can only be colored 2 shades lighter. Being Asian, my hair adventures are more obvious than others who can go from brunette to blonde without being questioned by our grooming “police.” Ombre hair allowed me to be a rebel and have my blonde hair hidden in a bun at work. I get to “follow” the rules and at the same time get to do as I want with my hair. A win-win situation 🙂

My Ombré Hair

My Ombré Hair


Thanks to Roberto!!!xo

The Ombré hair is great as this technique allows the hair colour to grow out without the need of roots touch ups. Convenient especially for people with less time to go to salons.  But that was last November. Lol And I’m in dire need of hair treatment too as brushing is becoming a difficult task. Goal for today, find a great salon in Dubai. Out the lazy Friday, and in with s…? Saturday! Have a great day everyone!

At St. Maxim’s


So what to do on a lazy Friday?

Well, exactly what I did…lazing around the house doing nothing. To make the day a bit productive, I thought I’d blog about the posts I have been meaning to write. Let’s go back to last week.

Part of my living life to the fullest, is enjoying even simple things. Sitting in a cafe, a drink in hand, piano in the background, taking in the whole atmosphere of the place, the calmness…

St.Maxim’s certainly offers that. Away from the busy traffic of shoppers in Mall of the Emirates, and just above the Kempinski Hotel, I found a haven. You can dine here, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee, or even a drink.


Yes, they have a bar in the lounge area complete with live entertainment. A duo, consists of a man and a lady. He plays the piano and she does the vocals.

Listening to the song, in a language I could not understand, but seems to transport me to another world, to a time passed. A time when people dress up elegant. Like Audrey Hepburn. The ultimate icon for such elegance and natural class.  Long evening dress, pearls and an updo in the morning, coffee in hand and perhaps a croissant in the other, gawking outside Tiffany’s. Yet she exuded same vibes of class of what we’d consider weird if ever we would see someone else doing the same thing.

The decor, the music, and the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s playing nonstop in the background, ties the whole theme of elegance at St. Maxim’s.


Chasing Imelda

I love shoeeeeeeeeees!!! I got heaps of them you’d think I’m trying to rival Imelda’s collection! If you’re a true shoe addict, you would know Imelda Marcos and her thousand pairs of shoes!!! If you don’t, then it’s either you are in the early stage of your addiction or you don’t love shoes. If it’s the latter, then this post is not for you. This is Rated Shopaholics Only. The content includes graphic material on a lot of high heels, Not suitable for normal people :p

my everyday heels, few flats, and 1 trainers…go figure :p

apart from my "everyday" heels, I have my special heels

apart from my “everyday” heels, I have my special heels

After reading the post How many types of shoe do you have? by a fellow blogger Dubai Desperate Housewife, which I can so relate that I decided to blog about my shoes. Especially on what we call Trophy shoes. Yes, the shoes with the price tag, the bold, the beautiful and the feared killer heels. Louboutins, Manalos, and Choos just to name afew.

My "Trophy" Shoes! Young but will definitely grow lol 2 Gucci, a Manolo Blahnik, and Choos

My “Trophy” Shoes! Young but will definitely grow lol
2 Gucci, a Manolo Blahnik, and Choos

Trophy shoes unlike other shoes usually remain in their box, tucked away in the closet. Seldom used as not to damage it. Personally I would love to use my trophy shoes all the time! But when?! And where?! As a housewife, my activity has been reduced to grocery shopping. The movie night dates that my husband and I do is not suitable for that~think dark room, popcorn and drink spillage. My husband hasn’t drop any of his drink so far but a girl gotta think of the worst case scenario, right?! The occasional dinner out in nice resto with the husband is a great chance for them to get out and shine! Also on catch ups with friends, a drink or two, say, at Neos. A sky lounge in the 63rd floor of The Address Hotel in Downtown, Dubai. I love that place and must post about it *note to self. The problem is when this quiet drink in poshy place leads to clubbing!!! A death pit for trophy shoes. They’ll be beaten black and blue! Or redesigned with colors of margarita or worse, bullfrog! A famous Dubai cocktail which is a mixture of tequila, gin, vodka, white rum, blue curacao, and red bull. Sure to knock you out and covered bluish-green if you drop it on you and worse~your trophy shoes!!! So to avoid such disaster, the solution to such a predicament…*hold your breath…is…

Have a trophy shoes night out! You and a group of friends go out to a trophy shoe-friendly place, admire each other’s shoes while having a fabulous time!:)

So who’s in?!

Calling all Shoe-aholics!!!

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