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New life…Under Construction

It’s been two months since I resigned from my job and turned in my “wings.” But it has only been 2 weeks of staying put at home. I went downunder in Australia to spend time with the family and then to Beirut to visit the in-laws. So I have been leisurely flying around and not so close to the term housewife yet. I came back to Dubai earlier than the husband so tomorrow will be the first day of me being a stay-at-home wife. No big deal for most perhaps.


You see, when I decided to stop flying, I thought I would love having all the time in the world. No rosters to follow. No early report times and tiring night flights. No minimum rests til you fly out again to yet another destination that totally wrecks your body clock. No more waking up in a hotel and wondering which country you are in. No more packing for both winter and summer as you are on standby to fly anywhere in the world, dreading that one phone call from crew control. And no more missing Christmas, New Years or other special occasion meant to be with loved ones, because you are in the other side of the world.


Prepare for landing…where are we again?!

I loved my job as a flight attendant as I love traveling. But after 8 years, it was time to move forward. And as any other job, of course I had something to complain…like wearing red lipstick for most of the 365 days in a year! Watching your weight and your hair color to 2 shades lighter as instructed by our grooming officer (yeah we have fashion police and all). Now as I lay at home, I miss it a lot. The whole of it. Well perhaps not all including having to explain to an adult who throws tantrums inflight like a 2 year old because god forbid we run out of chicken!!! Seriously let me sidetrack a bit here and say that you will not die if you don’t get chicken! Otherwise order special meal prior! And of course we have to explain this to that person in a professional way even when he is shouting and acting like a baby. And don’t forget your flight attendant smile. Oooh please do fly with us again~noooot! :p

As I was saying before my ranting there, I miss being a flight attendant. Do I want to go back flying? No…well not yet anyway. For now, I chose to be a stay-at-home wife and start a family with my husband as the provider~turn in my wings and be the wind beneath my husband’s wings instead. lol

For someone like me,  who was constantly on the move country to another and across continents, being at home for 2 weeks is already long. And my travel bug is starting to show it symptoms. Itchy feet! Ahhh travel somewhere and fly first class (or business at least) and smiling at other passengers as you know you only paid 10 percent of that. Now I’m back to coach and it hurts when you have seen the other side and saw that its greener…redder with french wines and bubblier with champagne!

Sweet suite

Sweet suite

Anyway, in this 2 weeks, of course I caught up with friends, gone to the mall and the salon and all. But still I am bored. Perhaps til the husband gets home. Perhaps when we get a baby soon. A hobby, a new routine…

Wait, is this what mid life crisis is?!!!

Should I just enjoy being a lady of leisure like those we see on reality shows…The Real Housewives…of Dubai perhaps. Maybe Ill take on my masters now? …Or a new job? But I did not quit my job for no reason so  whatever  I decide to do, I have to keep that in mind. I know that if I want to, I can be like those mums who are doing amazingly in having a career and raising a family. But first thing first, I need to figure out the kind of life I picture to be in. I reckon, we create our own life and are free to define ourselves. Terms and titles can be restricting. Instead, we should be more like the Renaissance man or woman.

Til then…New life is under construction 🙂



Cavalli Caffe, Beirut

I like going to nice places. Simply because they are nice. Not to show off but to please myself. Whatever makes me happy. Shallow or not. Simple or extravagant. Anyway, I have been to Cavalli Club in Dubai before and I loved it! So when I heard about Cavalli Cafe in Beirut, I simply must check it out too.

image image image

The place opens from 8am til 1am but I decided to go in the afternoon as I wanted a more relaxed experience. And indeed it was.  Since we had lunch already at home, we ordered the Cavalli coffee special for the husband and for myself, green tea, and a dessert to share.

image image

Afterwards we moved to a table outside to enjoy Beirut’s summer and to people watch…afterall the cafe is located in proximity to Beirut business and nightlife district. People who want to be seen and to see politician/celebrity make use of Beirut’s latest go-to location.


It was a perfect afternoon and we ended it with a bottle of Chateau Kefraya. xo


Paris of the Middle East

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Beirut. That’s where I am at the moment. Well Souk el Gharb to be specific. Less than 20 minutes from Beirut, this suburb in the mountain overlooking the city, is world’s away from the hustle and bustle. Here, flowers of all sorts grow, grapes in the backyard, and pine trees. Visitin’ the in-laws, husband’s cousins, friends and anyone he knows, his dad knows…you get the picture. Busy socializing thus the lack of post. And no I don’t speak Arabic nor French so by socializing I mean smiling, 3 kisses on the cheek (typical lebanese greeting) few words in Arabic and French enough to say “hi, I comein peace.”

So, as opposed to my last post about my typical day in Melbourne whilst visiting my family, my days in Lebanon involves:

Sitting outside the house and chillin’,


I love shisha or argileh as they call it here


Making the most of the beautiful sunny day,




Yes we use pine cones 🙂

Eating… image

and eating…

image image

And making the most of a beautiful night.


I enjoy coming here at night for a hot chocolate when the night is bit chilly. Or a bottle of Lebanese red  and  argileh sesh.


And of course, no trip to Lebanon is complete without a visit to the salon…I mean coiffure.


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