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Salad in a Jar


Salad in a Jar.

I don’t know who started this idea but anything cute with a function is a must-try! And I have been seeing these around… in Pinterest, blogs… So I thought it’s time to make one myself. This came about yesterday when I was preparing my meal. With same ingredients and a few, I could make a Salad in a Jar! 🙂

You might ask why bother when making a salad is easy anyway. Why prepare in advance and store them in jars? First, the jar idea is cute as I have said and this is another way to make use of those mason jars lying around. Recycle and upcycle right?! Second reason is that, though making a salad is easy, why not make it easier?! As easy as opening the jar et voila! Your ready made salad and ready to eat! This is especially awesome as some days you have plenty of time to spare and other days you don’t.

These Salad in a Jar can last for days in the fridge and are quite handy if you wanna bring your own lunch to work or if you’re lucky enough to go to a picnic.

So here’s how:

Pour your choice of salad dressing in the bottom of the jar.


Place hard chopped vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, bell pepper etc whatever you have or like to have in your salad. I used cucumbers and I also put in whole cherry tomatoes. Softer vegetables like sliced tomatoes, avocado etc should be added until the day you’re planning to eat the salad.


Add your grains and beans and/or pasta. I used quinoa. And it was my first time to cook quinoa too! Need bit practice tho for a fluffier result. Aaaand yes I was a bit excited and should wait for the quinoa to cool down before tossing it into the jar…oh well.


Add your cheese and proteins. (Again, only if you’ll be having the salad on the same day otherwise skip this step) I chose to add a fancy meat tuna….from a not so fancy can :p


Lastly, fill the jar with your choice of salad greens such as baby spinach.


Fast-forward to when you’re ready to eat, just take a Salad in a Jar from your fridge, shake into a bowl and enjoy!



A Bunchful of Lavender and a Happy New Year!!!

Hello beautiful people!

After months of being MIA, I’m back!!! And let the blogging continue :)))

Let me start by greeting you all a happy happy new year and beautiful pictures taken at a lavender farm here in Australia. Just about 2 hours from Melbourne, you will arrive at Lavandula a Swiss-Italian farm. It is said that this part of Australia has similar climate as the Provence in France.

And aaah… Fields of lavender!!!!


I wanted to run through the field! But upon closer inspection, opposed to the risk of being stung by bees! Yes bees!!!! The sweet lavender is loved by bees too! Of course, who can resist the beautiful sweet scent!


We were lucky enough to visit during the farm’s harvest festival.


There was music and dancing…

lavender infused food and drinks…


and you could even play a game of pentaque if you fancy to.


Or simply sit on the grass, relax, and breath in the calming scent of lavender as you admire the picturesque view. Take a couple of snapshots and perhaps some selfies 🙂

And of course, the lavender happiness didn’t end upon leaving the farm. We bought a bunch of lavender to make lavender yummies!


Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned for new posts and heaps of throwbacks to find out what I have been up to!


Nightcap anyone?


Cheers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What could be great? Quiet night just watching old sitcoms~Sabrina and now Cheers, and a glass of Riesling with a bowl of grapes. Simple joys 🙂



Once you Pop…


You cannot stop! Move over Pringles, there’s a new kid in town. Poppycock Popcorn! You can buy this from Costco, super yum! Sugared glazed with almonds and pecans perfect for a movie night in! Rented Magic Mike finally. Channing Tatum, another yum btw :p Just dropping by to say hi before enjoying DVD night with sisters. Xo






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