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A glimpse,
back to when I use to fly.
Life was fast.
The world was small.
Come and reminisce with me.

‘Round the World in 20 Days: Finnish Lapland

If you have been reading my posts, you’d know that we have reached the end of my ‘Round the World in 20 Days series. Finland. The first destination of my little RTW trip.

Finland because I really wanted to see the Northern lights as it was the best time in years to view the elusive Aurora. I was deciding between Finland or Iceland but since the husband was not joining my RTW trip, I chose to save Iceland when he could come. Yes I want the blue lagoon experience with my man that’s why :p

Finnish Lapland. Northern light. Reindeers and huskies. Santa?

I ate Rudolph...sorry Santa.

I ate Rudolph…sorry Santa.

Oh yes, of course I stayed in the glass igloo!!!

in my igloo

in my igloo

I was not lucky to catch a glimpse of the northern lights but I loved the experience of traveling solo. It was my first time to travel somewhere where I was not meeting anyone I know in that destination, or with the crew on a layover. I met ex-colleagues in Helsinki but from Ivalo to Lapland, it was me myself and I…And my suitcase filled with thick winter coats and bikinis 🙂

Plus, it is so amazing to fly over the Arctic!

Flying over continents and countries in 20 days, jumping from airplane to another, packing and unpacking from one hotel to another may be crazy. But being a Flight Attendant for 8 years, I am used to it. It was my lifestyle. You should see how crazy our flying roster can be!

The trip is so meaningful to me as it was a trip I organized before I handed in my wings and became a full time housewife.

Im happy I did it. Travel will always be part of me.xo


‘Round the World in 20 Days: Miami and The Bahamas

I’m in Miami b**ch! 😀


Well, I was I mean. Prior to my journey in Jordan I met up with 2 friends living in the US to pahtyyyyy in Miami!!!!


We decided to stay in SoBe. South Beach. And I insisted to stay in a beachfront hotel. And why not when I was then still getting hotel discounts 🙂 But with my friends better judgment, we did not splurge in staying in Delano or the Fontainebleau. Agreeing halfway, we booked in Sufcomber Kimpton Hotel. It’s still my kind of holiday accommodation, it’s oceanfront with private beach access, and it did not really burn holes in our pockets.

Unfortunately the weather was not great when we were there. Mr. sun was not shining bright and barely present. So no tanning sesh happened.

I was hopeful to get some sun tho when we get to the Bahamas. Yes we embarked on a 3-Day Caribbean Cruise. The first 2 days Mr. Sun was still absent so still no tan lines again. So what did we do cruising on a gloomy day? Eat, drink, and jacuzzi!!!

image image

Thank goodness the next day in Paradise Island while we were in Atlantis, Mr. Sun decided to finally come out and make my day! So happy as I deserved a bit of sun after coming from  a freezing place. Where was that? See next post 🙂 xo

‘Round the World in 20 Days: Journey in Jordan

We arrived. Standing in Movenpick Hotel in Petra. My sister and I overly excited. Situated just minutes away from the entrance of one of the wonders of the world, the rose-red city carved by the Nabataeans. We started our exploration by booking the “Indiana Jones” trail tour. 2 horses and one guide who opted to walk, I had no choice but to be a “lone ranger” riding for 4 hours literally. Mind you, this was a huge deal as my sister and I have not ridden a horse prior except one time in gradeschool where we rode behind someone on a horse for like 10 minutes. So this was a leap for us! When we book the tour, we thought it was just a fancy touristic way to entice tourists…but no! It turned out to be actual Indiana Jones trail. Without harness, we climbed and climbed on foot this time towards an area there we can overlook the Treasury. Not the easy route that most would go for but the view was worth it.


Knackered, we returned just in time to catch the Petra by night guided tour. A truly magical experience where you see yourself following the crowd in darkness only lit by candles trailing the siq and into the front of the Treasury. There you will be seated as you listen to a Bedouin singing.

Can you see me?!:)

Can you see me?!:)


The next day, I rode a donkey. I have vowed not to ride anymore after the day prior’s adventure. However, to explore the rest of Petra was either by foot or horse/donkey. And since we’re pressed for time, there we were again. Pat on the back for me for taking pictures/video while riding too. Pat, pat.

Continuing our journey, we passed by Aqaba. The weather was was opposite of Petra. Here u can dip in the Red Sea or go on the glass bottom boats. The place is popular to divers btw.  Or simply bask under the sun.

image image

We then continued to our next accomodation for the night, a camp in Wadi Rum, a desert valley in south of Jordan.  But of course not without first following the steps of T.E Lawrence ( of Arabia).

image image image

And of course, no trip to Jordan is complete without floating in the Dead Sea. It is a must.


I recommend staying in Kempinski Ishtar Hotel. It is situated right infront of the Dead Sea and the hotel is luxurious!

There are so many things to see and do in Jordan and I simply must come back. To finish off my RTW trip, I went to the Maldives. Click here to see my post on that:

‘Round the World in 20 Days: Maldives.

But prior to my journey in Jordan, I was happily cruisin’ in…

‘Round the World in 20 Days: Maldives

A picture from a magazine? I couldn’t believe it too! Standing in this island, just my sis-in-law and I, we watched our boat guy carry the umbrella he brought and fixed it this inhabited little island. Exactly what we have asked for! A place to sun-bake! Just us, the beach, sand, and sun! We bid him goodbye, set a time to pick us up, and crossed our fingers he does come back! :p (see future post for more info on my Maldives Holiday)

If you have been reading my previous post and following my blog (if not, please do so :)), then you’d know that I have recently on March 31st to be exact, left my career as a Flight Attendant to be a full time housewife. I have been flying for 8 years. But as I submitted my notice to resign, all the places that I wanted to visit flashed before my eyes! The places I wanted to explore!  The things I wanna do! I quickly reminded myself that I was resigning, and not dying!

Still I wanted to travel one last time…while I still have discounts on flights and hotels! One of the benefits of being an FA that I enjoyed. I frown at the thought of paying full fare soon 😦 So to make the most of it, I took my 20 days annual leave balance, and started planning a RTW trip! As many places as I can…in 20 days!

my travel books

my travel books

Maldives was the last stop of my ambitious round-the-world trip. Before that, I went below sea level.

To be continued… 🙂

Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts as I have traveled downunder to see family. And since I’ve arrived, I’ve been both a glutton and a sloth. Ate nonstop thanks to my mum and her cooking. And been hibernating thanks to the Aussie weather which seems to be always going towards winter. Anyways, here are some pics on my flight coming here. Thought I’d take some pics to remember my last free ticket courtesy of my ex company. Gotta enjoy free business class seat eh especially on a 14 hour flight!xo


Welcome Drink and Champagne it is.


A Bordeaux is always a good companion 🙂


So goodbye UAE for now…
Hello Australia!

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