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For the Bun of it

As an ex-Flight Attendant, the donut-bun hair trend is nothing new. Required to put our hair up in a bun every time we go to work ~ well this or the French twist which I couldn’t really do.

… Or cut your hair short to the allowed length which, again, for a Curly Sue like me is not so easy to pull off. (I once did the short Felicity hair and let’s just say I was counting the days for my hair to grow back!)

So the bun it is.

Now however, I can enjoy the bun without a grooming officer eyeing me like a vulture. I can glamify the good ol bun aaaand finally use the silk scarves that have been sitting pretty. Two birds, one stone, yey!


So, here it is and moi :))))





Take out your Wands for some DIY!

I’m not a hoarder but I find it difficult to throw out things. Even little things like the dried out mascaras that I love. After a visit in Sephora and seeing that they sell disposable mascara wands, I thought why not clean my old mascara wands… Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? 🙂

The process is simple.

1. Sort out the dried out mascaras from the rest.


2. Soak for few minutes in soapy warm water. Use an old toothbrush to gently clean the bristles.


3. you can use a little bit of your make up brush cleanser for an extra clean.


4. Pat dry with a tissue. And voila! Clean cute mascara wands!

My newly cleaned magic wands :D maybelline limited edition hello kitty cat eyes mascara, bourjois ultra curl and Lancôme l'extreme

My newly cleaned magic wands 😀 maybelline limited edition hello kitty cat eyes mascara, bourjois ultra curl and Lancôme l’extreme

5. Store or display for next use. I chose to display in a recycled jar 🙂

Aren't they cute?!

Aren’t they cute?!

Shades of Gray

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to showcase my nails 🙂 since I’ve been slack to get out of the house to a nail salon…I thought I’d do it myself and save me some ka-chings!

I applied a gray polish from Rimmel London. It’s supposed to dry in 60 seconds which is perfect as I tend to smudge them as soon. Then I applied silver glitter polish for the gray to be more alive. The effect is actually cute tho the pic does not do it much justice :p I also polished 1 finger neon to brighten my digits. I know this is not a new trend but I loveeee to highlight my finger with my wedding band…it’s special :)))))))

Happy weekend everyone!xo


Mi Ombré Hair

Celebrity Hair Inspiration

Celebrity Hair Inspiration

On my last flight to New York, I decided to have my hair done. Nowhere fancy in Manhattan, but in a mall salon in Garden City Long Island where we stay on layovers. Trusting my crowning glory to the hands of Roberto who spoke little English, satisfied with his nod and smile after showing him the above picture, I succumb to the latest trend. The Ombré Hair, where your hair is colored darker on the roots and lighter at the end. This is perfect for me, being a flight attendant at that time, I was still under the strict grooming rules. One of which is that hair can only be colored 2 shades lighter. Being Asian, my hair adventures are more obvious than others who can go from brunette to blonde without being questioned by our grooming “police.” Ombre hair allowed me to be a rebel and have my blonde hair hidden in a bun at work. I get to “follow” the rules and at the same time get to do as I want with my hair. A win-win situation 🙂

My Ombré Hair

My Ombré Hair


Thanks to Roberto!!!xo

The Ombré hair is great as this technique allows the hair colour to grow out without the need of roots touch ups. Convenient especially for people with less time to go to salons.  But that was last November. Lol And I’m in dire need of hair treatment too as brushing is becoming a difficult task. Goal for today, find a great salon in Dubai. Out the lazy Friday, and in with s…? Saturday! Have a great day everyone!

Odd one Out

Hi Everyone! Just thought I’d show off my manicured nails and polished up to the trend 😀 No, I haven’t gone to the salon yet, hopefully tomorrow, these are from last time. What color should I have next? Xo



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